Saturday, January 11, 2014

Signtature inconsistencies

I recently had the fortune of picking three Rafael De Paula certified autograph cards. As previously posted, one was actually a 1/1 and I didn't know it.

I also won an auction for a 2013 Bowman Chrome autographed rookie card. All three are on-card autos, and all three look quite a bit different.
The Bowman Chrome signature is quite a bit more narrow than the Leaf ones. He definitely used a more fine-point Sharpie. He also started his signature closer to the middle of the card. Nearly all of the Bowman Chrome autos of his I searched for has this tendency of being on the right hand side of the card as well. I like a nice, centered auto, but I don't think it exists for Bowman Chrome.

The 1/1 Leaf auto probably looks as different from the other two as possible. It actually slightly goes off the card, which is a little annoying.

If anything, I think it shows that as guys sign their names hundreds or thousands of times in a row, they are going to get a bit lazy, a bit sloppy, and a bit inconsistent.


  1. I agree on both accounts:
    1. It is annoying the auto found its way off the card
    2. when signing many times in a row it requires much focus to maintain consistency and not get sloppy.

    Still jealous of your $2 1/1. What luck!

  2. From what I've heard some players actually have their friends and/or family sign some cards for them since they have literally thousands to sign. Not sure if DePaula did that (I'm guessing not) but I can only imagine how hard signing all those cards must be on a person's hand after they're done.