Tuesday, June 10, 2014

If only all sellers were this awesome...

Yesterday, I mentioned my Holy Grail Tino Martinez card recently arriving via a Listia auction. The seller actually threw in a nice brick of Yanks as well, which was both unexpected and unnecessary.

Here are a few of the cards that I really enjoyed.
Um, yeah, that’s an auto.

Actually, there were 14(!) autographs. When I emailed the seller thanking him and asking about them, he said he was a fairly prolific autograph collector a few years ago (both IP and TTM), and has thousands. I thought it was very cool that he decided to throw in a few that I’d enjoy. Here are a bunch more, ranging from guys like Gil McDougald to Dioner Navarro.
It was above and beyond. The seller and I have had some good email conversations since then, and I’ve won two more auctions of his on Listia. From those, he’s sent me over 100 autographed cards. He’s incredibly generous, and I’m happy to give him my credits. He lists fantastic cards regularly, and if anyone would like his user name to check out his auctions, please send me an email. He offers a lot of high-end relics and autos, and I can attest to his trustworthiness as a seller.


  1. If that aint cool - I don't know what is.

  2. Holy cow -- that guy is not just a great seller, he's a saint.

  3. shoot yeah, email his listia id, i've a ton of credits to use up