Thursday, June 19, 2014

That one time I had a good idea

Last year while watching the MLB Draft, the Yankees selected Ian Clarkin as one of their first rounders. As soon as the pick was announced, I went on eBay, found a cool Clarkin USA relic, and snagged it. I went back later, and a lot of the prices had shot up since he was now a Yankee. Opportunistic sellers, indeed.
I employed a similar strategy this year. The Yankees first pick, at number 55 overall, was Jacob Lindgren, a fast track college reliever. I did a quick eBay search, but alas no cards.

The next day, the Yankees grabbed high school righty Austin DeCarr in the third round. I took a chance, and found a cool low-numbered auto of his right after the pick was made. Again, I checked eBay later, and nearly every seller had raised his prices to ridiculous amounts. I got mine for only a couple bucks.
DeCarr decided to forgo his commitment to Clemson and sign with the Yanks for a cool million bucks, so another solid young arm has been added to the system, as well as another sweet autograph to my collection.


  1. Cool pickup, with the DeCarr. The Yankees must thank highly of him, as they paid above slot. I like how the farm system is performing this year. Ian Clarkin looks like a solid prospect, as well.