Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Two new Ty Hensley autos!

I am up to 37 different Ty Hensley cards. Amongst those 37, twelve are autographed. Pretty freakin' cool. One day, I hope to add something else to my collection that is signed by Ty...a jersey or a cap or something. You know, a little diversity never hurts.

After battling back from two surgeries, Ty is finally back on the mound in the Gulf Coach League. In his first outing of the year, he threw 2 2/3 innings, allowing one run and striking out five, while walking just one. Definitely a successful first appearance, and I hope he builds on this throughout the summer. Finish strong, then head to full-season ball next year. He's just 20, and still has a lot of time to develop into a star in the Yankees system.

It feels like forever since I've picked up new Hensleys, mostly because I have many of the ones that pop up on eBay, except for a few overpriced or low-numbered ones.

The first is an Elite Extra Edition I've been trying to pick up for ever, but I was just waiting until the price was right. I like this set.
I also picked up my first Hensley from the Leaf Rize brand. These cards are super thin, and not the best quality. Still, I needed it. He's got a bunch of cards and autos in the set, but everyone wants an arm and a leg for them. Unlike Bowman and Elite, these are sticker autos.
Ty, can't wait to see you back on the mound, and hopefully we'll see you in Staten Island in a few weeks!


  1. Nice Hensley additions. I am rooting for him, as well as, many other Yankees prospects.