Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Another Mark H vintagely awesome PWE

Ahh, the PWE. I can't say enough for the PWE. I always get excited when there's a PWE from Mark H in my mailbox. He has a seemingly endless supply of Yankees vintage!
Johnny Blanchard 1959 Topps! Whoa, now. Haven't had a 1950s pick-up in while. I've always liked Blanchard. His name just sounds like a ballplayer's name. He hit 34 HRs in the Eastern League in my hometown of Binghamton in 1955 following his military service.

Keane is an odd story. He managed the 1964 Cardinals to a World Series title over the Yankees...and then managed the Yankees the very next season. Could you imagine that now? For any team? Would be pretty crazy.
A few more Yanks from the '60s and '70s. The Medich is actually a mini!
Here are some Just Minors cards of some prospects that the Yankees surprisingly (sarcasm) traded. Nick Johnson and Christian Guzman had solid, but unspectacular careers. Johnson was a complete OBP machine who just couldn't stay healthy. Guzman had over 1400 hits, and led the AL in triples three times. Jackson Melian was included in the Denny Neagle trade, and never made it to the Majors.
And let's wrap it up some gaudy cards from Classic!

Thanks, as always, Mark.


  1. You have. D. Bing going in the mail tomorrow

  2. PWE? Nice stash, especially the 59s! Cool blog too, I will be following.