Thursday, July 24, 2014

What kind of socks to Pittsburgh Pirates wear? Arrrrgyle!

I'm pretty sure I've used this post title before. Or maybe fifteen other bloggers have used an iteration of it. I don't know. A while back, I sent Greg Z over at Plaschke, Thy Sweater is Argyle] a bunch of Russell Martins I had laying around, and he sent me a bunch of cards in return, including some HOFers for my son.
This is a cool card of Lawrence Moten, who is still Syracuse's All-Time scoring leader, as well as the Big East's all-time leader too. I'm always blown away when someone pays enough attention to my ramblings to know I'm a Syracuse fan/alum.
Here's a Topps USA card of Yanks' prospect Peter O'Brien. Although not much of a prospect because he only has one tool, that one tool is power and that's pretty damn cool. He's already got more than 30 HRs on the year, trailing only Joey Gallo and Kris Bryant for the most in minor league baseball. Pretty nuts. I assume he'll get the call at some point late this year or next, but he'll probably never be more than a Shelley Duncan, all-or-nothing kind of hitter. Still, it could be very exciting to watch him.
And here is a sampling of the HOFers for my little guy. He's going to have such a cool binder of cards one day. I just hope he doesn't sell them for beer money when he's 19.

Oh yeah, Pittsburgh Pirates was in the title, right? I'll double up on trade posts and include some cards sent over from our favorite Pirate collector, Mr. Bob Walk The Plank. Matt had a few Tino relics for me, both of which are awesome, and even included an Ivan Nova autograph (sorry for the dark scan). I'm 99% sure this is my first Nova 'graph of any sort.
Guys, thanks for all the great cards!


  1. I'll have to get you a Dave Bing card

  2. Chrome cards don't scan very well. Glad you didn't have it. Took a chance. I feel like I have some more Tino's hiding somewhere. I'll keep you posted.

  3. Thanks again, glad you like the cards!