Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Cards from Twitter!

My buddy Aus on Twitter reached out to me asking if I needed a Don Mattingly 2014 Topps Archive card. I haven't bought nor received any Archives yet, so "hell yes" was my answer. A few days later, this showed up, along with a Sparky Lyle Yankee Stadium Legacy card.
It's weird seeing Mattingly on a 1989 Topps design that isn't his original base card. I've seen the original about 5,000 times, so it's definitely a little jarring. 1989 was always cool because it was a bit different - Mattingly standing in the dugout surveying his bat while in a BP jersey. I don't believe Topps used the Archives photo for any original Topps issues, which is always nice (note: I could be wrong, but none come to mind right now). It does remind me a bit of his 1987 Topps All-Star card, although it's not the same. It's definitely from early in his career though.

Thanks, Aus!

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