Tuesday, July 8, 2014

PC goals for the rest of the year

I've had a decent year for my PC's, especially Ty Hensley and Michael Pineda. My Tino PC grows a lot slower these days, as there just aren't many that I don't have. With that, I thought I'd jot down a few goals on where I'd like to be for my three main PCs at the end of 2014. Each goal seems very realistic.
Tino Martinez
Currently, I'm at 644 different Tinos. I'd like to add six more new Tinos and end the year at 650 or more.
Michael Pineda
I have 79 different Pinedas right now. With his inclusion in 2014 Topps, I think I can get that # up with a few parallels that I don't have yet. I'd like to end the year at 100 different Pinedas. There are still a ton of early ones, including base cards and parallels, that I don't have yet.
Ty Hensley
I'm at 38 Hensleys. My collect grew really quickly for a while, but has slowed down as I've acquired a lot of the stuff out there. I'm shooting for 50 Hensleys by year end. I know I can make it.

There you have it. Nothing insane, but always nice to have some minor goals to work toward. If you can help me out, let me know!


  1. I have a green Pineda from S2 if you would like it (I think it's green...so many parallels, I am beginning to lose my mind). Send me your addy and I will get it in the mail! judsonmeeks AT gmail DOT com.

  2. I'm pretty sure I have a Tino jersey card somewhere. As soon as I can handle stairs again I'll take a look.