Monday, April 27, 2015

A Whopper of a PWE with a side of cards


Why can’t I get cards with purchases that are not actually cards? This used to be a common thing. Breakfast at Denny’s? Here are some holograms to go with your hash browns. Need gas? Head to Sunoco, fill up, and open some cards. Twizzlers? Cards. Jell-o? Cards. CVS for school supplies? Cards.

That doesn’t happen anymore, but it damn well should. It doesn’t have to just be cards, either. I remember people going nuts over the Dream Team cups at McDonalds. I’m not sure where all these promotions went. I’m going to guess it has to do with stricter league and sponsorship rights. Still, it made collecting fun as a kid. Not that it isn’t fun now, but it was a different kind of fun.

Long before I was born, cards were coming with tobacco products, cereal, and other items. In 1979, four years before I was born, Burger King had a set of Topps cards – one featuring Yankees, one featuring Phillies. Imagine that? Going in for a Whopper, coming out with cards? Must have been fun. Now you just come out with clogged arteries and the meat sweats.

It was almost as fun as opening a PWE from Mark Hoyle, expecting an assortment of great cards, and astonishingly finding the COMPLETE SET of Yankees 1979 Topps Burger King cards. I had a few of these here and there, but not the complete set! That’s an incredible PWE!

The first card I saw was the Munson. I was like, “cool, a 1979 Thurman.” Looks like it’s in good condition. Then I noticed the # on the back of the card. #2. I wondered. I anxiously flipped over the rest of the cards, and it was apparent that they were in sequential order, from #1-23. Yes, it was the complete set!
Mark, thank you for this. I absolutely love it!


  1. I will be posting about my '79 Burger King Yankees set tonight!

  2. I got a '79 BK NYY set from Mark too. I'm loving it (wrong chain I know lol).

  3. Picked up a set for myself also. Added it to my 79 set. Glad you liked them

  4. That is really cool. Mark is the man!