Wednesday, April 1, 2015

JBF Week: I shall call him Mini Me

I've grown to like Topps Minis over the last few seasons. I like this type of mini a lot more than A&G or Gypsy Queen minis.  I actually don't really know why. It's the same card, just smaller. I guess I've always liked to see the same thing, just downsized. After all, I loved Topps Micros in the early '90s.

The above Brett Garnder and CC Sabathia were from 2013 Topps Mini. The Gardner is #'d to 63, while the CC is #'d 5/5, which is awesome. I've actually found that these are fairly affordable online, and I've picked up a few for trade packages from time to time.

Here is another batch, courtesy of the same JBF package. I might need to try and complete this team set!

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