Thursday, April 9, 2015

Too much ice for April

It's cold out this morning in NYC. It sure doesn't feel like spring, with weather in the 30s. Then tomorrow it's going into the 70s, so expect a cold from me in about another day or two.

Speaking of cold, I recently got a Bowman Chrome Red Ice Refractor of Mason Williams. The Red Ice version is one of the nicest cards I've ever seen, and I really mean that. It's striking in person. I did not expect to be wowed like that when I bought the card, but it really did make me stop for a second when I opened the bubble mailer.
Mason Williams, an OFer, is a MLB-caliber defender right now. Watching him the past two spring trainings, he just looks the part. Sadly, his bat has been lagging behind and he has been questioned for his maturity. Now 23 and leapfrogged by several OF prospects in the system, it's a big year for Mason. I still think if he shows improvement with the bat, he can be an eventual Major Leaguer. He's starting this year in AA Trenton, and I'm really pulling for him to have a big year.


  1. I'm really rooting for Mason too. Cool card (pun intended, don't get sick)!

  2. If it makes you feel any warmer, I'm pretty sure that's a Red Wave, not Red Ice. (Red Waves are /25, Red Ice are /150)