Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter baskets and cards

Growing up, cards were always a fixture in my Easter basket.

In 1996, I remember getting a blaster box of Upper Deck Collector's choice basketball. I still remember how deceptive the box was, as it was the size of a normal box, but only had 10 packs and a big foam square that took up space.

In 1997, my Easter basket sat on top of four cans of Pinnacle Inside baseball cards. I think that was the equivalent of a blaster. There were four cans that were shrink-wrapped.

In 1998, Pacific Online was the blaster of choice for the Easter Bunny. You know, baseball cards with web addresses! For the internet!

The point is, my mom always made sure there were some cards in my Easter basket in addition to candy and other treats. I looked forward to the packs more than the candy, actually.

Keeping the tradition alive, I made sure that there was a pack of cards in Joey's basket this morning. I suppose I should have put some in my daughter's basket too. Oops. Maybe next year.

Let's see how Joey did:


  1. Did your son have a favorite card? Man I wish my parents would have filled my Easter basket with cards. I remember receiving a Hot Wheel, Transformer, or Star Wars action figure every now and then... but no cards :(

    Happy Easter!

  2. Brings back some memor I always got cards for Easter.
    Happy Easter