Friday, April 17, 2015

TTM Success: Yankees Prospect Jorge Mateo

Yesterday was just like any normal day. I returned home and checked the mail, and was surprised to see a SASE in there. I hadn't gotten a spring training TTM success in a while, and wasn't really expecting any given that the season had started.

To my delight, this fell out of the envelope when I opened it:
Boom! A signed card from Yankees shortstop prospect Jorge Mateo. After Luis Severino and Aaron Judge, Mateo is next in line in many prospect rankings. He's super young - just 20 - and already in A-ball. After seven games, he's swiped eight bags and is hitting a respectable .259. He projects to stay at short long-term.

I made this card using the Rookies App, and I'm thrilled to get it back! Thanks, Jorge!


  1. Nice success!

    On a side note I'd like to mention that Mateo is older than Torrens. Mindblowing isn't it?

    1. Damn, good call. Also gives me confidence that Torrens will be back and still certainly be advanced for his age.

  2. Always nice to have shortstops that look like they will actually stick at the position. The Pirates have had a ton over the years that switched. Even our most advanced middle infield prospect Alen Hanson just switched to second.