Wednesday, February 3, 2016

A slurpee and a signature

Some 25 years ago (holy rap 1991 was 25 years ago), 7-Eleven used to put out Score-branded player discs/coins. They had a sportflics-like effect on the front, and some stats on the back. I have been aware of the 1991 Score 7-11 Tino for quite a while, and while it's never expensive, I just have never picked it up.

I finally stumbled upon one on eBay with a very low starting bid, and I was the only bidder, so I finally snagged it.

But there's a catch. This wasn't a surprise to me either, but this particular coin is signed on the back.
Now, I have zero clue if this auto is authentic. The signature looks good to me, but who knows. It could be completely forged...or it could be real. I don't know. But I won it for $.99 and needed it anyways, so I figured, why not roll the dice?

Now, I guess I should probably pick up a clean, unsigned copy of the coin, eh? I suppose I'm right back where I started...


  1. Neat addition to your collection for the price... I wonder what makes someone decide to get a slurpee coin signed, though.

  2. Nice addition, authentic or not!

  3. If you want a non auto maybe the current eBay seller will take a 99 cent offer since they have 2 for sale.