Friday, February 5, 2016

Delivered via Owl

In the Harry Potter series, it’s well-known that mail is not delivered by postmen or even electronically. It’s delivered by owls. I’d like to think that a fluffy night bird delivered this bubble mailer to my NJ address. That’s my story and I’m sticking with it.

So what did it entail? Clearly a bunch of Yanks that Night Owl had a hard time parting with.

And it wasn’t just cards. This teeny tiny Don Mattingly pin fell out. I have never seen these. They are small! And Mattingly was so young here. It’s really cool. I feel like I need to put it on my backpack or something.
I know how much NO loves Mark Teixeira, especially when he is making the puffy fish face. While he isn’t doing it here, these are two inserts that were passed along, showing that Greg not only pulls Giants cards at alarming rates, but he pulls Teixeira parallels far too frequently. Maybe after his Yankee deal is up, Tex will sign with the Giants, and Greg will pull Giants card of him. Wouldn’t that be enjoyable for everyone but Greg? 
This Cano is fancy. I’ve never seen this edition of Bowman’s Best. It’s nice, but feels like it should be Topps Tribute or Topps Supreme or something else I can't afford. It’s not quite fitting of Bowman’s Best, in my opinion. Nice card, just off-brand. 
I like this card entirely too much. 
I think this is my favorite Topps Opening Day set. I really like the gray border with blue foil. Maybe because it’s Yankees colors? I just like that it feels different than the flagship, as opposed to the same exact card with an Opening Day logo.
Some legends are next! Those are not reprints.
Ok, they are. Lastly, a Jeter from 2015 I didn’t have. I have an unofficial quest to collect 500 different Jeters. I don’t know what number I’m at just yet, but it’s pretty high. I hope to know within the next few weeks when I start to organize a bit more. 
Greg, thanks for sending this package via owl post. Hope you saved on shipping.


  1. The pin looks like the 1988 Fun Foods pins.

  2. Pin is from 1984, which is why Mattingly looks so young.

    And, yes, I deliver your mail. It gets me out of the house away from all the Mark Teixeira cards.

  3. I forgot just how bad the Yankees All-Star hats were last year...