Monday, February 22, 2016

SuperTraders #1: The creator, JBF

I received my first of two #SuperTraders packages this weekend. It's only fitting that the first comes from the creator himself, Wes of Jaybarkerfan's Junk.

Wes always sends me such great Yankees cards. Often, cards I have never seen before. It's like he magically creates sets that came out 10-15 years ago, but no one saw them at the time. He is a magician like that.

Regardless, he sent a great package, and it was a perfect way to kick off #SuperTraders.
My favorite card of the package is this Jason Giambi game-used base relic. It's not my favorite just because it's a hit, but because I like relics that aren't jerseys or bats. Rubbery base relics always feel super cool. Seeing as it is called "Back 2 Back", I wondered if the flipside had another Yankee on it, like 2016 Topps. On the back was...Jason Giambi. So I guess not.
I feel that sets like Triple Threads and Tribute and Museum have a lot of nice base cards, but no one gives a damn since they aren't the "hits." I've found some of these "discards" as some of the nicer cards over the last few seasons.
Here is some solid '70s vintage, including a Ron Guidry rookie! Wow, now. I definitely have never seen that card before. It's awesome to now have Gator's RC.
A few '90s inserts to remind everyone why the '90s were an awesome time to collect, despite the perception. I've always thought that the 1998 Diamond Kings are very underrated.
Some Tinos! I needed that Yankee Stadium Legacy. I don't think I've properly counted the Tino YS Legacy cards as different Tinos, but why shouldn't I? They have different numbers.
This Finest Warriors card is sweet! The blue is so striking, and the die-cut is very cool. It looks like a badge of sorts. I bet this was a hot card during Tanaka's rookie year.
I don't think I bought any 2015 Archives. I said in a previous post, but I just can't tell all the Archives years apart now.
Tiger aka Chien-Ming Wang! Tiger is badass. Why didn't he keep that? Adrian Hernandez was a fairly big deal, but he never did much. He was nicknamed El Duquecito - Little El Duque - due to being Cuban and having similar arm angles, but he just wasn't that good.
I think I should end every blog post with this card.

Wes, thanks for getting this started!


  1. #supertraders

    Glad you enjoyed them!

  2. Wow, I forgot all about El Duquecito. Time sure does fly.