Friday, January 13, 2017

Cleaning out the scanned folder

I found each of these cards in my scanned folder, and don't have a ton to say about any of them, so I figured I'd just throw them in a post instead of discarding them completely. Most are from some random eBay wins of the last few months.

These two are from the "minimum bid was $.01 with free shipping, so place a bid and see if I win" collection. Once in a while I'll search for Yankees by lowest price and free shipping. I don't do it much, but it can be fun. More often than not, I don't win, but in these two instances, I believe I got each of these cards for less than $.15 shipped. It's always interesting to see how some sellers send these cards. PWE is expected, but I've had some where a card is completely unprotected, and others where the card comes in a top loader.
Relics of guys I collect! These aren't dupes, I needed both of them. I have a few of the Tino ones like this, although this is the copper #'d to 99.
I liked this Pineda too because of the two Pinstripes on the jersey swatch. You're lucky if you get one, but two is a nice bonus.

Lastly, this Tino Martinez Stadium Club Triumvirates is a dupe, but it's a cool diecut and the card doesn't pop up often, so I snagged a second copy.
There you have it. Five cards without much of a story, but my scanned folder is a little lighter.

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  1. Pretty sure that Tino Martinez only belongs in a Yankees uniform on baseball cards. Maybe the Mariners too, the Cardinals and Rays years were rough. Love the Stadium Club die-cut card, those were really nice cards.