Wednesday, January 4, 2017

TTM Success: Tim Stoddard

I sent off a few junk wax card to former Yankees pitcher Tim Stoddard, and he returned all four in just three weeks. 
Admittedly, I don’t remember Stoddard as a Yankee. He was there from 1986-88. While I do have baseball memories from that time, they are mostly of Mattingly and Winfield and Henderson and Strawberry. A reliever, outside of Dave Righetti, wasn’t someone I had much knowledge of as a five year old.

Stoddard had a successful 13-year career as a reliever, spending six years with Baltimore, three with NY, and the rest of his time split between San Diego, Cleveland, and both Chicago teams. However, what I knew him best from was this:
He admirably played the role of “Pitcher has a big butt” in the critically acclaimed 1993 film Rookie of the Year. He also served as a baseball consultant on the film’s production crew.

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  1. Stoddard is a cool guy. I got an autograph of him a few years back, but it's from his basketball days at NC State. I was trying to get the entire 1974 National Championship team.