Monday, January 9, 2017

SuperTraders #25: San Jose Fuji

It's nearing the end as a "SuperTrader" for me. I have a few packages I need to send those I haven't yet, then I'll be stepping away. I don't buy enough cards to replenish inventory to regularly trade with a representative of all teams.

Unexpectedly, San Jose Fuji sent me a great package around the new year. It had a bunch of great relic-type cards.

I really gravitated toward the Jason Giambi base relic. I think game-used bases are some of the coolest out there. This one has some great dimples and dirt (that'd be a good name of an insert set...Dimple & Dirt). Far more interesting than a plain jersey swatch, right? I don't think we've seen a game-used base insert set in a long time - probably at least ten years, right?
Speaking of plain jersey swatches, these are two relics I didn't have. For a time I considered collecting the 2011 Topps 60 relic set of just Yankees, but I couldn't stay dedicated to it. The Cracker Jack of Soriano is cool too, as it's smaller than a standard card.
I always liked these rookie reprints too. I have the Mattingly, and am now happy to have the Cano.
I meant to buy this Jose Pirela autographed card during COMC Black Friday, but I forgot! Luckily, Fuji took care of that for me.
He also snuck in a pretty great vintage card of Bobby Murcer. I have a few Murcers, but this is new to my collection. Tony Oliva was pretty great too. I may be showing my age, but I have no idea who Merv Rettenmund is.
Last, but not least, Fuji was kind enough to send a pack of Sportflics for my son! I haven't given him the pack yet - he got too many 'time outs' at pre-school last week!
Fuji, it's always a pleasure. Thank you!


  1. Good stuff!
    I know Topps Now did a few game-used base relics last season. It'd be cool if they let that spill over into some other sets.. because yeah, those are always neat, even if it's kinda weird attaching it to a specific player.

  2. I always thought the opportunity existed to do something new with relic cards. Back in the early 2000's Absolute would use everything from the uniform. Now we've regressed to just the bat and jersey. At least sets like Strata have started to ID the piece of jersey being used.