Monday, January 2, 2017

TTM Success: Albert Belle

It turns out that I did receive one final TTM success on New Year's Eve. Former feared slugger Albert Belle signed my card in 19 days. I actually sent two cards, but he kept one, which is fine. This is the one I wanted signed anyways.

Belle was obviously one of the best hitters of our generation, and George Steinbrenner loved him. It was no secret he wanted him on multiple occasions. 

The card looks great, but the problem is, I don't think it would hold up in an authenticity test.

The "B" in "Belle" looks quite a bit different than Belle's certified autographs. See?
So, while I'd say the vast, vast majority of my TTM success are legit, this is definitely one I'm not too confident in. Who knows, maybe he signs his "free" autographs differently, but I'm not betting on it.


  1. A) SWEET!!!

    B) My mom worked as a banker for years. The key for quickly checking a signature - turn it upside down, she said. Look at the signature from the bottom. In that, the "Belle" part, the flow from one letter to the next is smooth and about the same between certified and your TTM. Also, note that the "L"s in his last name are different sizes - the 2nd always shorter than the first. That is true in your TTM as well. The "B" may be different, but I think it is legit.

    1. That's interesting! I've never heard of that. Thanks for the info, and cool insight.

  2. His auto may have just changed over the years. McCutchen's is completely different now than it was when he was a rookie.