Tuesday, April 18, 2017

A Get Well Soon Card

Sometime between 1996-1999, I remember watching a Yankees telecast where David Cone joined the on-air broadcast team while he was injured. It was probably 1996, when he missed a large chunk of time due to an aneurysm in his right arm.

Anyhow, I remember Cone thanking the fans for all of the get well cards they sent him, saying that he read each one. Being a literal kid, I figured I'd send him one too. I didn't make it a TTM request. I didn't include a card or a SASE. I just sent a standard get well card.

Luckily, my envelope did have my return address, and some time later, received this small signed photo, which I'm assuming Cone sent out to many who wished him well.
I've never actually gotten a Cone TTM success, but this is still a pretty cool, unexpected autograph that I cherish.


  1. That's an awesome story - what a good guy (both of you)!

  2. David Cone has always been a likable guy. That is a cool story.

  3. Very cool of you to send him a card... and equally cool of him to send you a card without being asked. Great signature, too.

  4. I sent a TTM to him at some point while he was with the Yanks and I have the same postcard, somewhere.

  5. Awesome story. Awesome signatures. Awesome all around!