Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Repack domination

Ok, domination might be a strong word. However, in my last two repacks from Walgreen's, I've had some solid success, as far as repacks go.

First off, they are usually $4.99. However, through April 28, they are marked down to $3.99. I'm not sure if that is the case at all Walgreen's, or just in my neck of the woods. I won't lie, that extra dollar off makes purchasing these a bit easier to stomach when you remember most of the cards are junk wax and a pack of Triple Play (also junk wax).

The odds of a hit, usually an autograph because it would be easy to spot a jersey card, are 1:4. I did a bit better than that.

Repack #1 was purchased about two weeks ago on a random errand to Walgreen's. I snagged this one, as this was the best card being displayed in the front window of the package. Of course, the corner was dinged, but still a cool card.
Here are a few fun cards from the pack:
And then boom, a HIT! Ok, ok. Brandom Moss. Current Big Leaguer and 2015 All-Star. That's really not a horrible pull, minus the fact that he was in the Boston organization at the time of this card.
I flipped through a few more cards that were separated by the Triple Play pack, and in those cards?
ANOTHER AUTOGRAPH! What are the odds of two in one pack?

Interestingly enough, another Red Sox prospect, Jon Egan, who played a couple of years in their organization.

This repack was also packed with 2015 Topps. Not unusual. Until I flipped them over:
18 team-issued versions. Technically, 17 because Billy Hamilton is from the NL set. But that's kind of cool, right?

So a very good repack. Probably the best I've ever gotten.

A few days later, I was back again. We have a lot of errands we run, and it's the most convenient place for milk or whatever it might be. I snagged another, this time with a Jackie Robinson tribute card on the front. Unfortunately, the portion of the card I couldn't see was mangled.

So I was flipping through, then WHAM! Another autograph.
This will end up with Tom over at Angels in Order at some point, I assume. But still, my third autograph in two repacks.

Here are the best of the rest. The Kohl Steward is kind of cool, as he's actually a good prospect.
And two HOFers for Joey's binder.
All in all, very fun repacks, and perhaps I'll test my hot hand again in the coming days.


  1. I do love me some repacks and with three autographs out of two packs, that's probably the best luck I've ever seen with those. I live about two blocks from a Walgreens so I think I'm going to have to stop in just to see what they have and if that sale is valid at mine. Great stuff and thanks for the heads up on the sale.

  2. That is some major Fairfield hit mojo. And I have been seeing a lot of those team set cards showing up in the 100 card repacks lately. I'm guessing someone's job at the office is to open blister packs all day.

  3. Pretty good! David DeJesus is the new Cubs analyst at CSN.

  4. Forget the autos... that Mad Bum is an epic pull! Congratulations!

  5. I buy these on occasion. They are super random, and I have also noticed the team blister pack cards from 2015 showing up in these and other repacks lately. I'll have to check out my local Walgreen's stores to see if they have the sale. I know at some point last summer they were also on sale for some reason.

  6. Good lord you dominated those repacks.