Thursday, April 13, 2017

TJ Surgery strikes again

Man, this stinks. The Tommy John Surgery bug has struck top Yankees pitching prospect James Kaprielian.

It’s sad. He’s got so much talent, and he’s basically going to lose a year and a half of development. Considering he lost all of last year as well, this is not good. It feels like Ty Hensley all over again.

Will Kaprielian make it back? Time will tell. I’d rather he arrive late than never, but who knows. His makeup is off the charts, so I know he’ll try his best. I’ll also tell ya, the Cubs strategy of focusing on position players in the draft versus pitchers sure sounds good.

In a recent COMC order, I did pick up a few Kaprielians. I expected his cards to shoot up this year, but I’m guessing they will be pretty easy to come by due to the injury.

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