Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The repack domination is over

The repack domination streak has come to an end. If you remember, I recently shared two pretty solid 100-card repacks from Walgreen's. While they both contained autographs, it's not solely a hit that determines the success of a repack, but the level of enjoyment and the fun cards they often contain.

I'll also say that I long for the day when Triple Play packs will no longer be included. Sheesh, I'm sick of those. I don't even open them most of the time, or just hand them to my kids to play with.

With the Walgreen's $3.99 sale set to expire on April 29, I wanted to grab one more. The cards in the windows weren't very appealing, and settled on this for no other reason than it was shiny. Bad start.
I'll come right out and say that there was no hit in this repack. I expected my luck to run out in that department, and I was right.

Like the last re-pack, there were still a few 2015 Topps team issue cards, which I don't mind. There was also a Bryce Harper from the All-Star set of that year. That was the best card I found, in my opinion.
I only counted two Hall of Famers, but this particular one didn't have the "5 Hall of Famers" sticker on the front. The Boggs mini is ok. I'm surprised Topps hasn't re-used this design yet for Archives minis. Maybe we'll see them in Heritage in 25 years.
This is a cool oddball that will go to Bob Walk The Plank.
Steve Garvey on an old Diamond King is cool. He signs TTM for $5, so maybe I'll send this off to him.
The junk wax was more plentiful than ever in this, with a major lack of mid-90s cards. The oldest card was a Derrell Thomas from 1982 Topps, while the best of the '90s was a Paul Konerko Donruss rookie.
There really isn't much else notable. I still enjoyed opening, but it was definitely a clunker compared to some other recent repacks. The sale ends in three I test my luck one final time?


  1. I'd say go for one last repack before the sale ends. And I have to ask about Garvey's $5 fee - do you send him a check with your card? Cause if so, you might end up with two autos for the price of one (unless he endorses his checks with a stamp or something).

  2. I've never seen baseball cards at a Walgreens. Now I am going to have to stop in one and check it out.

    1. They're usually found in the minuscule toy section lumped in with the action figures. Make sure you have a rewards card, otherwise the sale price won't be valid.

  3. Sure you didn't get any hits but still you got a Konerko rookie, a Steve Garvey Diamond King card, and a Bill Madlock Drake's oddball. I'd consider that well worth the $4.

  4. Ugh, those Triple Play packs! I've decided to stack them all up and give them out at Halloween in addition to candy.
    You must have inherited my repack luck.

  5. My local Walgreens doesn't carry cards, only Rite Aid. I think for 3.99 it is worth to go again. Lots of entertainment for a cheap price.

  6. I'm sure I've seen that 87F Brett 10 to 20 times in my lifetime... but today is the first time I've taken the time to appreciate that great action shot.

    Hope you send out that Garvey... a signature on that DK would be sweet.