Sunday, April 23, 2017

Don't Judge Napkin Doon

With JBF's Big Fun Game kicking off, it's only fitting to post some cards Napkin Doon sent my way last week. Napkin Doon actually started the Big Fun Game back when he was a real, live blogger. I once selected a 1958 Topps Bob Clemente, only to have it stolen from my hands. It still hurts. That's the beauty and agony of the Big Fun Game.
The highlight of the package is this Topps Throwback Thursday Aaron Judge. This is one of those  sets that Topps prints on demand. There were 1,329 of this particular set printed, the most of any #TBT set so far. The subject matter was rookies, so not a surprise. Joining Judge in this set was Swanson, Bell, Moncada, Bregman, and Benitendi. I think most are expecting Benitendi to win AL ROY, but Judge is certainly making some noise in the season's first month.

I appreciate Nap breaking up his set and sending this to me, as it's a very cool card that I probably wouldn't have come across otherwise.
Doon also sent four team bags jam-packed with cards. There were about 75 Don Mattingly cards of all shapes and sizes. I asked Napkin where he got these, and he replied, "I liquidated my 401K in the late '80s to invest in Mattingly and become a millionaire." Actually, he got these in a junk wax lot he won at his LCS, Cleve's. That was probably the story of the dude whose cards these used to be. I hope Nap kept a few Mattinglys for himself, just in case that guy ended up being right.
It wasn't just all Mattinglys. There were some more Gypsy Queen, which I'm digging. The Green Batances is cool, and here's another one of those missing backplate cards.
I will say, I did always like GQ framed parallels. I don't think they have those any more, but keep me honest, people.
Some Tinos! Love the first Heritage one.
A badass Flair David Cone. I think the first trade Doon and I ever made was centered around some of these Flair cards.
Nap knows I like prospects, and was kind enough to send me a few Justus Sheffields as well, among others.
I'll finish off with a Masahiro Tanaka RC.
Nap, appreciate you thinking of me. As soon as Rance Mulliniks is given a Topps #TBT, I'll repay the favor.

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