Tuesday, April 4, 2017

I have a Tino dealer named John

My good bud John from Johnny’s Trading Spot sent a nice contest package recently. John has an awesome knack for finding Tinos I don’t have. Outside of eBay, John has become my best Tino source.
I didn’t have either of these ones. I hadn’t even seen 2000 Topps Stars baseball. In fact, the blue is a parallel #’d to 299. I was so miffed by not knowing about this card, I immediately added the base card to a COMC order I was about to place. The second card is from the confusing UD Ionix set and is one of the Reciprocal cards. While I love ‘90s cards, I agree with many who say they can be quite confusing.
I found this card to be quite cool too, mostly because I remember participating in this contest to try and get my card design on a UD Choice card. I have to say, mine was better than this. Sorry, Alexandra.
I’m not sure what this Bernie Williams stamp card is, but I definitely hadn’t seen it. It’s from The Merrick Mint. Interesting.
There was no shortage of shiny cards either.
This was unique! John tucked a couple of old newspaper photos between a few cards.
One of my favorite inserts ever, but soooo easy to damage.
Giambi pre-production card!
And perhaps my favorite set ever, UD Masterpieces. This set is so great. If Upper Deck ever makes it’s way back to baseball, I’d love to see it bring back Collector’s Choice, Masterpieces, and a Heritage-like 1989 set.

John, always love our card packages. Thanks!


  1. Those pink socks tho...
    Awesome lot of cards. I got a package ready for you, but can't get it out until next week.

  2. miss those Masterpiece cards too, they were really well done...i loved the football cards too.