Sunday, July 16, 2017

Archives blastin'

I was finally fortunate enough to find a blaster of Archives when I had to make an unexpected Wal-Mart run last weekend. It would have been cool to stumble on a box of Bowman Platinum, but I didn’t see any.

As fate would have it, the Archives blaster was a complete dud, again reminding me why I shouldn’t spend $20 on retail. You’d have thought I’d learn by now that I just don’t have good luck busting packs.

I was glad to snag two Jeter Retrospectives, including his ’93 RC reprint.
I was hoping to get a Peach parallel, which I did. Of course, it was of a Blue Jay. Between them and the Astros, I feel like that’s all I pull these days. It also came in the first pack, and I had a feeling it would probably be the best card I pulled.
See what I mean? Blue Jays and Astros.
As for my coins, they couldn’t have been less exciting either.
Pretty boring box, overall. However, I like the product, and at least now won’t wonder “what if” like I was before I was able to bust a blaster of this stuff.


  1. I believe that Jeter 93 topps is an Sp and case hit. So nice pull

  2. Any luck pulling a Cutch or Clemente base? I could use both

  3. Wow, that would have been a lackluster box for me as well.
    I made it to a card show yesterday and one of the tables had the Bowman Platinum (a retail only product) stock from what appeared to be two Wal-Marts. Angered me a little bit.
    Archives is tough to find in store this year, but Stadium Club is even more rare. Platinum? Yeah, forget about it.

  4. Wow. You hit the jackpot with the 93T Jeter. 1 per case. Congratulations on finding one of these blasters in the store. I still haven't seen one and I've been looking for weeks.