Friday, July 14, 2017

Pirates fans are good to me!

The two Pirates fans I regularly swap cards with - Bob Walk The Plank and Collecting Cutch - are very good to me. In fact, my last two "just because" card packages have come from them.

Last weekend, I showed off a few cards from Matt at The Plank. That same day, a bubble mailer from Brian at Collecting Cutch arrived.
Easily, the highlight was this sweet Didi Gregorius autograph from Topps Tribute. What a great card. I don't mind that he's featured as a Diamondback, as the red actually looks awesome. It's also a reminder of how well the trade has worked out for the Yankees.
Smile! You've got French's. I have 100% never seen this oddball set. It's awesome! Great looking cards, and tempting to try and get it dual-signed via TTM. Hmmm...
SI! I didn't have this Jeter cover, but remember it well. Love having it as a card. The Pettitte is cool too. I like the simulated stats on the back. In 1998, Pettitte went 16-11 with a 4.24 ERA and 146 Ks...a step down from the previous few years and his projection, but not too bad. I still get SI each week, but honestly it just goes in the trash most week. Who has time to read it?
Tino! I'll always love Collector's Choice
While I'm not the biggest WBC fan, it's hard not to love adding an additional new Jeter to the collection! Not a bad looking card, either. Nice, clean design. It's always odd seeing Jeter in another uniform. I guess I should get used to seeing him in one of those ugly Marlin hats.
Lastly, I really like this Diamond Kings Gary Sanchez. I think this set looked great.

Brian, thanks, my friend! I'll keep my eye out from some sweet new McCutchens!


  1. I'm glad you enjoyed the cards. The French's card is strange in that it doesn't have team logos on it, but has the team names on it. I had a bunch of these as a kid as my family was in charge of the snack shack at our little league games and they would get the French's mustard weekly.