Monday, July 31, 2017

Goodbye and good luck to some great TTM signers

As someone who likes following prospects, it was a bit sad to see a few good ones go over the past couple of weeks as a . I’m also a realist and know that 1. You have to give something to get something and 2. These guys don’t always pan out. But still, that doesn’t make it easier.

Many of us had visions of James Kaprielian taking the hill in a big game for the Yankees, or Jorge Mateo swiping a crucial bag in a late inning. However, with the depth the Yankees have built in their farm system, and unexpectedly being in first place on July 31, the Yankees traded from areas of strength to improve the current team. Maybe it’s not fair to ever say it’s a surprise the Yankees are in first, but their “rebuild” is a little ahead of schedule when most figured 2018 and 2019 were when it would come to fruition.

Plus, outside of Todd Frazier, each piece the Yankees have acquired are under control to help those expected runs in 2018 and beyond.

However, there is no guarantee for the next season and beyond, and when your team is in first place on July 31, you do what you can to improve. The Yankees have done that, and only time will tell if it will work out or not.

Of the prospects the Yankees traded over the last week, six of them were past TTM signers for me.
I’ll still cherish these autographs, and certainly wish each player well in his new organization. I especially hope that Kaprielian and Fowler each come back 100% from their injuries. They are A+ dudes, and deserve successful careers.


  1. I knew the Yanks would cash in their (blue) chips eventually. Dave Dombrowski all but emptied the Red Sox' cupboard and they still cant hold onto first. I'll be rooting for Kaprielian in Oakland, but it always seems like the Yanks win these trades.

  2. Yankees are going to be a force to be reckoned with in the final months of the season. I still wish the Pirates had made some bigger moves during the 2013-2015 seasons when they were winning 90+ games regularly.

  3. Don't worry, I'm sure Billy Beane will sell some of those guys back if they pan out.