Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Surprise mail is the best mail

Yesterday, I had a long day at work.

Part of it was my fault for refreshing Twitter non-stop from about 1pm-4pm leading up to the trade deadline. I definitely could have used that time more productively and done actual work.

When I finally got around to a stopping point around 7:15, I headed to Port Authority, hopped on my commuter bus, and walked in my front door at around 8:25. Thank goodness for Fox Sports Go, as I was able to watch the first few Yankees innings on my phone on the bus.

Side note - 2017 really is amazing. I can watch a baseball game live (well, with a slight delay) in HD on my telephone as I commute home from work.

Once I walked in, the dog attacked me, jumping all over me as a way to say hello. He needs to stop that.

I went upstairs and gave the kids a kiss, then made my way back downstairs to eat dinner and turn the game on. On the counter was a welcome site - a bubble mailer I wasn't expecting!

It was from my good buddy Robert of $30 A Week Habit. He sent me four cards, and it definitely was welcome when I was feeling pretty fatigued from a long day.
Apparently I commented on this Aaron Hicks card before. I'm glad Robert remembered, because I definitely did not.
This is my first in-hand 2017 Stadium Club. I've liked this Whitey since I saw it.
Jeter! What a great card. I liked how Series 2 showed All-Stars MVPs and HR Derby champs, although mad that Tino wasn't included. I don't think he has a current deal with Topps.
I'll end the package with this guy. Love getting cards of him!

Thanks, Robert!


  1. This year is the first year in a long time where I would only check every couple of hours and then right around 4pm. I knew the Pirates weren't going to be that active other than a reliever or two. Absolutely no market for position players.

    It has been a while since I've traded with Robert. Need to change that. Such a cool dude.

  2. Cool surprise package. AS you said the surprise ones are bast. Doubly so if they are PC Players. I have been super impressed with the revived Stadium Club. When the original SC started back in 89 was it? I was working in a Toy store and quickly got tired of the stuff. It was amazing when it first hit. Topps High quality Kodak Film Photos to answer to the Success of New Kid on the Block Upper Deck.