Friday, August 18, 2017

A lost package finds The Lost Collector

Since I started this blog, I've had four different residences in six years.

In 2011, I was still living in NYC when I made my first post. In 2012, I moved to Hoboken, NJ, where I stayed for three years. In 2015, we moved further west into the burbs to a rental in my current town. And in 2016, we purchased a permanent home in that same town.

I don't blame anyone for not being able to keep up, and I'm sure I've lost some mailings and TTM returns along the way. Although I've always set up mail-forwarding, that service is not always reliable.

Just yesterday, my wife got a Facebook message from the family that currently lives in our prior residence, the one before we bought our house. She said that there was a package for me there, and that it was just delivered, although the postage said May. Weird. Whether or not that last part was true, I appreciate that she reached out. I wasn't expecting anything, but had a hunch it was a card package.

And it was.

The package was from way upstate in NY from Night Owl, someone who has been trading card packages with me from day one and has had to ensure these constant address changes of mind. Greg was only one address behind, so I don't think that's too bad.

Anyhow, I was happy to have a bonus, unexpected package! And even happier when it contained some vintage:
I love '56 Topps and love Jerry Coleman, so this card is very welcome in my collection. I don't get too many vintage cards in trade packages, so I always appreciate them. The little hop Coleman is doing as he turns two is great.
There was also a nice stack of Allen & Ginter minis. I don't know about you, but I've officially gotten to the point where I have no idea what year of A&G each card is by simply looking at them. They have officially all blended together.
The last few years of Topps Chrome have really outshined the flagship, no pun intended. The Pink Refractors are ones I always enjoy, and I believe this is my first from 2016. Greg Bird is currently about a week away from returning to the Majors in what has been another lost season. Many Yankee fans feel the team needs another bat down the stretch, but in the next few weeks should be getting back Bird, Starlin Castro, and Matt Holliday. That's like making a trade! Hopefully one or two of them will give them offense a nice boost.
I'm not the biggest Chase Headley fan, but I've really respected the way he moved from 3B to 1B without a peep to help the team. And he even started hitting! The black border looks great on the '68 Topps design.
I like the 2017 Yankees team card because it shows how much can change in a year. Gone are two players from this photo, Brian McCann and Mark Teixeira. The 2018 team card should feature younger, more exciting players.
I expect the guy above to be on that card, as he's having another great season for a catcher, at least offensively. His passed balls have been an issue, but honestly not to the point where he should sit. His three-run bombs outshine a ball or two going to the backstop every couple of games.
I don't buy much Opening Day, but I love the card of the player running onto the field during actual Opening Day. I'd be cool if the entire set featured cards like this instead of just the re-hash of flagship.

Greg, thanks for the cards. I swear I wasn't being rude by not thanking you for the package from three months ago.

And if anyone needs my latest - and most permanent - address, let me know.


  1. That is so cool. Glad the "lost" package was found. Lost packages suck. It sucks more when you actually know what was being shipped.

  2. I didn't think anything of it. Half the time I forget I even sent anything out.

  3. Oh man... that 56T Coleman is a beaut. I'm committed to controlling my cardboard budget... but I might need to go out and buy a copy of this card for my birthday or back to school present.

  4. Yay for surprise and recovered packages!