Saturday, August 5, 2017

The ol' pickoff play

Most of my 800+ Tino Martinez cards show him in a very similar pose, often following through on his swing. And I don’t blame the card companies – he had a really nice left swing. Little leg kick, quick bat, liked the high heat unlike most lefties who prefer the ball down and in. It was a nice swing.
However, I do tend to appreciate a few of the cards that have a different photo. In my 212-card lot I posted about earlier this week, both of these were included – the ‘ol throw-to-first pickoff play. 
The Upper Deck Vintage has Tsuyoshi Shinjo of the Mets scrambling to get back to the bag.

The ’97 Topps has Dave Martinez diving back into the bag.

Similar cards when side-by-side, but a nice alternative to the swing follow-through.


  1. I always appreciate an in game fielding play with other players seen. It's fun to research the photography and game the photo was taken from.