Sunday, August 27, 2017

How(ard)'ve you been, vintage?

I go through waves when it comes to acquiring vintage cards.

It's been a while since I snagged a "new" one. So I turned to my trusty eBay saved search for "poor" Yankees cards, and came across this:
Nothing about that looks poor, does it? It's in great condition.

The poor actually comes from paper loss on the back, which looks like it was probably tape of some sort. Maybe some kid hung this up in his bedroom.
I've certainly spent $1.75 on cards far poorer than this. Since this will go in my vintage binder, I'm not worried about the paper loss on the back at all.


  1. I understand that people collect differently and card about different things. I absolutely love this card! It has great (front) visual appeal and for me, that's paramount. There are a few cards in my collection where some back damage has allowed me to snag cards at prices I'd have had no chance otherwise.

    1. Same! And this is crease-free with great color on front. Decent corners too.

  2. Great card! A little paper loss on the back never hurt anyone ;)