Monday, July 17, 2017

Signed, unsealed, delivered

Several years ago, I started using self-adhesive envelopes in my TTM requests.

To me, I'm doing the player a favor. Who wants to lick an envelope? Plus, I figure most answer fan mail in batches, and would appreciate the simplicity of using an envelope with a peel-off adhesive.

However, what I have overlooked is that some players might not notice the adhesive. This was the case with my latest success from Yankees prospect Nelson Gomez.
Thankfully, the card arrive in the envelope, but the seal was not used. It was not even attempted, as the waxy label hadn't even been pulled off. I'm not sure if Gomez tried to lick it like a normal envelope, or simply overlooked it, but I'm lucky the card made it back. Props to the USPS for handling it. Thankfully I don't live far from Staten Island, so the envelope had minimal travel-time, but it's still a minor miracle that the card didn't slip out.
This same exact thing happened just three years ago - again from Staten Island, this time featuring Zippy Zappy favorite Luis Torrens. Again, the card made it back.

So in the last three years, this has happened twice, both from the same location. I think we need to tutor the Staten Island Yankees on self-adhesive envelopes.

Zippy, I'll send you some how-to pamphlets. Would you mind passing them along next time you're at the game?

In all seriousness, I'm really happy with the success, and I thank Nelson for signing my card.


  1. Meanwhile, I can't get bridal shower invitations mailed out without getting mangled... clearly, your local carriers and sorters rock!

  2. Ha, I would but with my bad Spanish he'd probably just sign it instead of reading it.

    I've had one unsealed return so far but the card inside was not so lucky.