Monday, September 8, 2014

Props to the USPS

It's easy to rag on the United States Postal Service. We've all gotten the PWE that arrives ripped open or in two separate halves with the "we care" note attached to it. We've all gotten bubble mailers that look like they've gotten run over by a truck or sat in a hurricane for three days. We've all had packages lost or stolen.

It's easy to call them out for this while taking for granted the packages that do arrive safely far more often than not.

Last week, I received a TTM success of Luis Torrens of the Staten Island Yankees. When I went to open the envelope, I noticed it was not sealed. Not only was it not sealed, but the self-adhesive envelope (the only ones that I use for TTM) still had the sticker on it, meaning Torrens forgot to seal it. With all the pieces of mail players get, it's a surprise this doesn't happen more.
Anyhow, I expected the envelope to be empty when it arrived. Lo and behold, my card was tucked perfectly inside with a beautiful signature on it.
Now, the piece of mail only had to go from Staten Island to Hoboken, NJ. It's probably a 1-2 day trip. I can't imagine the card would have remained inside if it was going from one coast to the other. However, I'm still thrilled that the card arrived safely, and I'd like to thank the USPS for getting it here.

And if you want to see an awesome Luis Torrens story, hit up Cervin' Up Cards.


  1. Congrats on the fantastic return dude.

    My "return" from Marlins prospect Aaron Blanton wasn't as lucky.

  2. The Cardboard Gods are watchin' out for ya. The force must be strong with you.

  3. I once received a Pat Listach autograph like that, with the enveloppe not sealed...considering I live in France, it makes it even more incredible