Sunday, September 28, 2014

Tino #651

I didn't have a very creative post title, so I'll just use what # Tino card this is in my collection...#651 unique. I swear I have a bunch of uncounted Tinos somewhere, because this number feels low. I know it's a decent number, I just think I have more.


I found a really good deal on this 2005 Bowman Sterling Black Refractor bat relic. It's #'d 01/25. I think it's my first Tino that is #'d 1. It also came in this fancy case. I'm not sure why. Maybe it was a redemption or something? All of the others on eBay seem to be in the Topps sealed case as well, although this seal was peeled at some point. No big deal to me. I got this for $1.49 + $2.24 shipping. Pretty solid, indeed.

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