Friday, September 19, 2014

I love Junkies!

In the cardboard world, junkies are ok. This one, in particular, is a Junior Junkie, and he sent me some awesome Yankee cards.

I have Phil Rizzuto listed as PC guy, but I'm not as aggressive picking up his reprints as I am picking up new stuff of Ty Hensley and Michael Pineda. However, I still love getting new Rizzuto cards in trade packages. This package contained a cool one from the 2002 Fleer Box Series:
Along with a few of Phil's pals:
All of these were #'d 0367/2950.

There was also a Yankees 2003 Fleer Box Set. It's a great looking set that I hadn't seen before. The checklist is pretty funny too, seeing some random guys (like Juan Acevedo and Erick Almonte) from the 2003 team along with Yankee legends.
I'm also nearly certain these are just the second 2014 Topps Archives cards I've been sent. I LOVE the John Ryan Murphy card. He looks like a little legauer!
And lastly, a Topps Chipz of CC!
Thanks, Junkie! Great stuff, as always.

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