Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The seller takes a $5 loss

The other day on a late-night eBay search, I saw a 1997 Beckett with Tino Martinez on the cover. It had a starting bid of $.65 + free shipping listed. I think I bid $.70 max. I won it...for $.65. It cost the seller $5.60 to, basically, he lost $5, especially after eBay/paypal fees.

I'm not really a magazine collector, and I do already own two copies of this issue, but I still bid for the hell of it. It's cool to see Tino on the cover during his 44 HR season. It's also fun to go back and look at what the hot cards/players at the time were, and look up BOOK VALUES.

By Beckett's account, my Phil Rizzuto collection in 1997 was WORTH well over $1,000. How about you?? Any cards you want me to look up the 1997 BOOK VALUE for? Leave it in the comments section and I'll look 'em up for you.


  1. How about the Brooks Robinson '57 rookie Topps #328 and Cal Ripken Jr's '82 rookie Topps #21

  2. What was the 1994 SP Arod worth in 1997?