Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Mega fun opening a Mega Box

The term Mega Box confuses me a little bit.

The box tends to be larger than a traditional blaster, so I guess “mega” works. But then I open it and there are 7 packs, and a lot of empty space. Not so mega.

Anyhow, I recently made a Target run and was happy to find a bunch of these so-called Mega Boxes from 2017 Topps Chrome Update.

But first, I had to navigate through the carts of people’s unwanted crap. Always fun.
There were a probably 10-12 of the Chrome Update Mega Boxes, which was a nice site. I only chose one, knowing how my luck in retail usually goes.

Overall, I think I did fairly well. No SiCk HiTz, but the very first card in the first pack was this:
Nice. I also got the other rookie people tend to like.
And my best insert seeded 1:56 happened to be a Yankee #’d to 99, which doesn’t happen often.
And a Sanchez and Domingo German, so that was cool too.
The Rookie Cup inserts are seeded 1:2, and I ended up with four, so I slightly beat the odds. I was obviously most pleased with the Jeter, but the Bench and Seaver are pretty sweet too.
So while Mega Box might be a little confusing, the cards look great and they were fun to open. So I guess this qualifies as a mega success.


  1. Yeah, why are they called Mega Boxes? That's a good question! Pretty heavy on the Yankees in that one... you should be happy!

  2. Glad you got a bunch of Yankees. And a few other stars from the season that was. My Target, too, ditches the unwanted carts o'crap in the card aisle too. So disrespectful...

  3. Dang, looks like a box I would open.

  4. I hear that Judge fella is supposed to be pretty good.

  5. Nice Bellinger! I have to go to Target today to buy gift cards for the secretaries and custodians (not looking forward to dealing with the holiday crowds), so maybe I'll luck out and find a Mega Box to bust.