Friday, December 22, 2017

Secret San(ta) Jose Fuji

My Secret Santa gift from Bob Walk The Plank's second annual event arrived yesterday, and I was thrilled to see it was from my long-time blogging buddy San Jose Fuji. He's obviously one of the more established bloggers out there, so I knew there'd be something good awaiting me. And between P-Town Tom last year and Fuji this year, I've really drawn some lucky straws.

I know several bloggers have been waiting to open theirs on Christmas, but I have no restraint so I tore into Fuji's package.

There were seven cards total, but I saw the back of this first and was immediately excited:
And the front!
This is a card I've wanted for a really long time! 20 years to be exact. It's a 1997 Studio Derek Jeter Hard Hat. The set is one of my favorite inserts ever. I remember seeing them in Beckett and really wanting one. I eventually got the Bernie Williams, then last year picked up the Juan Gonzalez and had him sign it TTM.

I am particularly horrible at keeping want lists, but I was fortunate enough to have it on my "Ten Most Wanted" on the right-hand side of my blog. Most are generic wants - Derek Jeter auto, Robinson Cano auto, but this was one of the actual specific cards I've wanted, and Fuji was able to track one down. Amazing!

While they are numbered to 5,000, they are a lot tougher to actually find. I can't believe I finally own the Jeter!

Fuji also bundled up three Tino Martinez refractors for me. I am partial to the Bowman's Best. It looks awesome.
And three other shiny Tinos from his Mariner days.
Thanks again, Fuji. You really hit it out of the park! I'm very grateful for the cards, and hope you and your family have a great Christmas. And special thanks to Matt for organizing once again. It can't be easy!


  1. Some great 90s memories it!

  2. Is that last Tino a Dufex? Either way, I really like the design on that one!
    Happy Holidays!

  3. Merry Christmas TLC! I was glad Matt paired us up. Great call on that Jeter. It's truly a beautiful card... especially collectors out there who enjoy 90's acetate inserts.