Sunday, December 3, 2017

The new bleepin' manager of the Yankees

I was surprised that the Yankees chose Aaron Boone as their next manager. I was expecting Hensley Muelens due to his coaching experience.

Overall, I'm fine with the move. There wasn't a no-brainer candidate out there. I was a little surprised at the process though. I really figured that Brian Cashman had a plan in place once he let Girardi walk, but it really didn't seem like he did. Maybe he did at one point and then it didn't unfold as he expected. Or maybe he just went in with a completely open mind.
I think Boone will be fine. Many people think his 2003 HR gave him a leg up, which is laughable. But that's just how people on Twitter think sometimes. The managerial job has changed now, and you need a guy who is open to analytics and is a strong communicator. He is more a manager of people and processes, versus managing a game. It's interesting to see. It has changed almost as much as any position in the game.

Boone is walking into a good situation with a group of exciting young players; ones he must win-over and relate to, and also maximize their potential. I suspect his bench coach will have strong coaching experience, and I'm interested to see how he fills out his staff. We do know that Larry Rothschild will return as pitching coach, so I like the stability there.

I wish Aaron Boone the best of luck, and hope he is the right answer for a long, long time.


  1. I was pushing hard for Muelens but we'll see what happens I suppose. all he really needs is to avoid a Bobby Valentine level disaster and he'll probably be fine.

  2. Nice to see Boone get the managers job. I always liked him as a player when he was with the Reds and he was an excellent TV analyst.

  3. I think he is in the best position of all the new managers this offseason. The talent level and his role as an ESPN analyst should make the transition very smooth and I suspect the Yankees will be in the ALCS again next year.

  4. Boone is walking into a good situation? Lol. I'll up the ante and say "great" situation. As much as this pains me to say this... I think the New York Yankees are going to be good (I mean great) for years to come.