Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Did I get hate mail?

Last week, I won an auction for a Tino Martinez card that included free shipping. I was expecting a PWE, which is fine given free shipping plus what I paid.

When the envelope arrived today, it was one of the most bizarre pieces of mail I've ever received.

Take a look at this:
I mean, what?

Look at the stamp. Just floating out in the middle of envelope. My name wasn't on the envelope. It simply stated this person's address (with no city or state), then "to" and my address without my name either. (I obviously scribbled out the address, but you can still see the weirdness)

It's truly baffling. I expected to find a letter inside made from cut up magazine letters.

Now, the printing was horrible too. And I feel bad if I'm poking fun of someone who may be mentally challenged, but the eBay listing seemed coherent enough. It's truly baffling.

And if you're wondering, the card arrived safely.
So I guess all is well?


  1. Are you sure a (small) kid didn't do this? Maybe he was helping his dad.

  2. Actually looks a little like the Easter card we got from my wife's autistic brother.

  3. I'm surprised with the stamp on the left side that it was even delivered. I haven't seen that before.

  4. That is odd. My hope is that John is correct in that it was a young kid.....a young kid without much supervision.

  5. Hopefully you'll be keeping that envelope for your collection, as you'll be hard pressed to find another one anywhere near it's "uniqueness".

  6. That is bizarre, and it's amazing that it was delivered to you that way. Great card though!

    I'm assuming that whoever it was - a young child, or otherwise, that they simply dont know how to write out an envelope.

    Hopefully your next PWE is a little more coherent.

  7. I'm thinking this is a case of a 8 year old's first eBay test drive. Whatever the story is... I'm glad the card arrived safely.

  8. I guess if the Post Office didn't care, and the card showed up in good shape, then all is well.

    Not pretty but basically effective...barely. :)