Thursday, April 19, 2018

Sometimes red ink is ok

I remember being a student and getting a paper or test returned. A lack of red ink usually meant I did pretty well. The more red ink, the worse it was going to be. I remember a biology test once where it looked like my teacher cleaned up a murder scene with my paper.

But there are times when red ink can be ok. In fact, it can signify an A+. In this instance, this is my first red ink autograph of anytime, and it comes to me courtesy of Collecting Cutch:
Look at that beaut! That is a card I've wanted for a long time. The red ink as part of a Team USA card makes it even cooler in my opinion.

Equally as cool for me is a card I never thought I'd find, let alone own. This is when relics were still pretty new, and having three star members of the Yankees on one? Good luck. It's still a hard card to locate, and I'm not sure how Mr. Cutch tracked one down and sent it my way.
Part of me thinks Brian (the mastermind behind Collecting Cutch) looks out for me because I'm a fellow player collector, but I know he's helped my collection far more than I've helped his.

He also sent me a few cool Yankee cards. This card stuck out to me. Is Clemens about to throw the bat at Piazza here, only to be blocked out by the Upper Deck Vintage logo???
Also, the back tells me Tino had three hits! Cool. I don't remember that.
A Stanton base card! This are still new and rare and exciting to me. It's my second after Heritage.
A few more from 2018, including a rookie of Miguel Andujar. He has 9 hits this year, and 6 have gone for extra bases. Once he settles in, he's going to be a good one.
Oh, and this guy is really good too. Just gets better by the game, it seems.

Brian, this was a beyond generous card package, with two big old whales I never thought I'd get. Thank you!


  1. Tino has a fancy autograph! I'm not sure if I've seen a Heart of the Order triple relic. If the Pirates had one during that time frame it would be of a bunch of relievers that mowed them down.

    1. The offense wasnt terrible. Giles, Aramis, and Kendall were all on the end of their Pirates tenure but still very productive. The starting pitching was atrocious though.

  2. That triple relic is really sweet! It's nice too that the bat pieces all look a little different.

  3. Brian sent you the goods! The Tino auto is fantastic, you dont see red ink signatures that often. And the triple bat relic is impressive as well.

  4. The Tiny autograph is sweet... but that Heart of the Order triple bat relic is a tad bit cooler. Very generous package from Collecting Cutch.

  5. Happy you liked it AJ. I always have a greater appreciation for player collectors and helping grow those collections. The triple bat was a great find by me. Hahaha!