Saturday, April 7, 2018

Not a Pedestrian sized card

Yesterday I came home to a surprise PWE from just a few towns over from me. It was properly addressed, unlike the mysterious PWE from my previous post.

The return address was from Chris over at The Pedestrian Collector. We hadn't been working on a deal, so this was truly a random act of kindness.

The PWE contained one card...but a jumbo card. Literally.
While that might look like a normal card, it's actually a jumbo 3.5 x 5 just a little bigger than an index card. Cool! This card is new to my collection, and is Tino #841 for me.

Collector's Choice was absolutely one of my favorite brands growing up, and it definitely takes me back each time I see that horizontal logo along the top of the card.

Thanks so much, Chris!


  1. You're welcome! Happy to help. 841 different Tinos is an impressive total!

  2. It's weird. Never really liked Collector's Choice back in the 90's... except for those Crash The Game inserts. But these days... I'm a big fan. Don't think I've seen these jumbo cards... but I'm a big fan of the jumbos Topps and UD released during the 90's.