Saturday, June 9, 2018

The first 2018 draft pick cards arrive

The MLB Draft is super boring. None of us know who any of these guys are or have seen them play. I applaud MLB for trying to make it a little more interesting and televising the event, but it's never going to be like the NFL or NBA Draft.

One way I've made it more interesting for myself is to try and grab a card of the draft pick after he is selected by the Yankees, if one exists. Luckily with all of the the USA baseball releases, the top picks usually have some sort of card out there.

I struck out on adding anything autograph or relic-related for the Yankees first pick, Anthony Seigler. I think Zippy Zappy was touting this guy too much and drove up his autograph prices!

I did manage to score a nice relic and base card of the Yankees 3rd round pick, high school OF Ryder Green. He's shown as a pitcher in these cards, but the Yanks drafted him as a power-hitting outfielder.

I found a pretty cheap lot that had a relic /99 and a few base cards, so I pounced. The base will definitely be used for TTM once he starts his pro career, assuming he signs.


  1. I do the same thing every year with some of the Pirates picks. I just picked up a Swaggy 1/1 nameplate card for $29.

  2. The Yankees tax is very real. You need to swoop in during the two minutes between when a reliable insider on Twitter says who the Yankees drafted and the minute the commish confirms that the Yankees drafted that player.