Sunday, June 3, 2018

Walk it off

Yesterday, my son was running into the kitchen to tell me something and stubbed his toe on a chair.

We've all done this. It hurts like hell. I could tell he really wanted to cry, which would have been warranted, but I just started saying, "Ok, bud, walk it off. Walk it off. Walk it off." While the tears welled up, he didn't full on let 'em roll.

In baseball, the term "walk it off" can take on different meanings. For example, similar to the stubbed toe, a batter who is hit by a pitch will often "walk it off" on his way to first base.

Then there is the more triumphant version - the walk off hit, sometimes even the walk-off homer. When a player ends the game in the bottom of the final inning, he and his team walk it off the field.

The Yankees already have walked it off five times this season, which seems like a lot for June 3. They have come in a few varieties.

The first off the season come on April 26, when Gary Sanchez crushed a walk-off dinger. Topps memorialized this moment. I especially liked this card because they used an image on the back, which I'm always a fan of for their Topps NOW cards.
Perhaps the best walk-off victory was the third of the year, on May 6, when rookie sensation Gleyber Torres hit a walk-off homer. I love the photo Topps used, where he turned to the dugout to point at his teammates.
Other walk-off hits have included Miguel Andujar (May 4), Neil Walker (May 12), and Gleyber again on May 29.

The only two Topps NOW cards I've gotten for the occasion are the ones you see here, but I wouldn't be surprised if I pick up another over the course of the season to celebrate more late-inning heroics.


  1. Those are definitely better than a stubbed toe!

  2. When I think of Yankees and walk offs... I always flash back to Jeter's final game at Yankee Stadium. I can't stand the Yankees (no offense TLC), but that's one of my favorite baseball moments of the last decade. I can still picture him raising his hand... then getting swarmed by his teammates. Truly amazing.

  3. The NOW cards have gotten a little walk off happy. Pirates have had a few this year and each got the NOW treatment. Marte hit an inside the park homer and didn't get one. It was the first time I was actually pissed the NOW set avoided the moment.

    On the bright side the walk off cards are usually the most unique design wise.

    Glad your son is ok. When I do it (which is often) I tend to swear. Unfortunately my daughter copies me.