Saturday, June 23, 2018

TTM Success: Braden Bristro

It's been a while since a TTM request returned, but luckily I got home from work on Thursday with a nice little PWE waiting for me. Braden Bristro signed my Choice 2017 minor league card. Shout out to Zippy Zappy for sending me the card.
I definitely didn't prep the card, as it didn't feel like it needed it. I can't tell if the marker bubbled on the surface, or if it was ball point pen. I think the former, so that's my fault.

Bristro has had a solid season for Charleston, pitching to a 1.33 ERA in 17 games, striking out 30 in 27 innings. Hopefully he can continue to move up the ladder and be a valuable bullpen arm one day.

Thanks for the autograph, Mr. Bristro!


  1. The sig is a bit faded but congrats on getting one all of the same, you truly are the TTM King.

  2. I find it funny when minor league teams use Topps designs for their cards. This is clearly inspired by 2013. Its a shame the ink faded