Thursday, February 23, 2012

Contest Winnings from Derek - Part 1

I must apologize to one of my favorite bloggers out there, Derek from Tomahwak Chopping. This post is LONG overdue. He sent me a fantastic package of cards for winning a contest that I didn't even know I won. A few weeks ago, he shot me a note, saying "by the way, you won my contest from a few weeks ago." Hmm, I didn't even recall seeing that post. So I scrolled back on a few of his posts, and lo and behold, I missed the post because I was in the hospital that day waiting for my son to pop out!

Sweet! Derek sent me a 200-ct box FULL of Yankee cards. Honestly, look at this:

The cards were awesome. I don't even know where to start. I loved sorting through this box. In fact, the cards are still in there and when I'm bored I crack it open and look at them again. There was literally a bit of everything. I have scanned some highlights, but honestly, there was much more goodness.

First off, a Posada relic. This was stashed in the middle, so I was very surprised when I saw it. Nice card!

Next up, a few Masterpieces cards. I love these more every time I see them. The artwork is amazing. The card stock is perfect. The design is so simple and elegant. If I was collecting back then, I would probably pursue the set. I still may. At least the Yanks.

A couple X Fractors of some current Yanks.


And to make me feel even worse about posting this, I've since won another contest of Derek's and received that card too. I'll show it off in part 2 tomorrow.

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  1. Glad you enjoyed the box. Its always nice to give cards a good home.