Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The rest of my '67 Mantle lot

As I mentioned earlier this week, I found a reasonably priced lot on eBay that included a 1967 Topps Mantle, The lot also came with a Mantle 1990 Sports Impressions statue, a couple of random vintage cards, and a lot of 200 Yankees commons. No one had place a bit, and with under a minute I but the bullet…and won!

The 1990 Sports Impressions statue is interesting. I had never heard of this brand, and after seeing the amazing likeness that MacFarlane figures capture, this leaves a lot to be desired. Mantle looks like a young boy. On eBay, most Mantles from Sports Impressions go for $20-$100. This particular one from 1990 seems to be one of the most common ones. This came loose with no box, and somewhere along the lines in shipping the back broke off. I used wood glue to repaired it. It’s cool – I’ll be happy to display it.

The lot included three vintage cards – 1958 Topps cards of Bob Henrich and Stan Lopata and a 1963 Topps Stan Williams. The ’58 cards are for trade if anyone needs them – I’d gladly take a Yankee from similar years in return. The 1963 Williams says “NY Yankees” but pictures him as a Dodger. I’ll probably keep the card unless someone really wants it or needs it.

Among the 200 Yankees commons were pretty much what you’d expect – a lot of junk. There were some cool cards that I didn’t have, including a stack of 1993 Stadium Club cards which were some sort of incomplete team set. There were some cards of random Yanks too from the ‘90s and ‘00s, so it’s always fun to get those.

All in all, some nice added bonuses to the real reason I bought this lot…my 1967 Topps Mickey Mantle.

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