Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Non-crap from Arbitrary Crap

When I announced that the Lost Collector Junior had arrived, Martyn from Arbitrary Crap asked for my address and said that he’d send a card. I was blown away. Here is a blogger I had yet to build a trade rapport with yet offering to send a card.

We talked a little, and turned it into a trade, as Martyn had a cool Melky Mesa auto that caught my eye. I haven’t been able to add Mesa’s auto to my collection, so a certified one is the way to go. Mesa is a toolsy outfielder who can’t seem to put it all together yet.

The card that Martyn sent Joey was a Mark Teixeira leather nameplate. Way above and beyond anything he needed to do. Couple this with the Teixeira relic that Robert sent, and Joey all the sudden had a nice little Tex PC going on.

Martyn tossed in three other cards, including an Ivan Nova RC and a shin ARod. Martyn, thanks again!


  1. Martyn is good people for sure...he hooked me up large, insanity wise...

    those nameplates look pretty cool, I'll have to see if I can find one someday.

  2. Love those leather nameplates. I'm with Robert... Martyn is one of the good guys in the hobby.